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How to lower the costs of driving in London

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How to lower the costs of driving in London

Car Clubs in London

How to lower the costs of driving in London with a Car Club

Many people in London don’t see the point of learning to drive and passing their driving test specifically because of the increasing costs caused with owning your own car. We believe learning to drive is a life skill and everyone should experience the pleasure of driving. And what with the increasing costs and restrictions with public transport we believe it has never been a better time to learn to drive in London. Nowadays you can hire a car cheaply and instantly all over London. Furthermore the costs have been proven to be less than owning your own car.

We have found out that one of the great ways to reduce your driving costs in London is by utilising one of the many expanding Car Clubs that offer all the pleasure and convenience of driving without the additional costs of insurance, road tax, MOT, parking, congestion charge, running and maintaining a car in London.

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Help Save Money with Car Clubs in London

There is a real upsurge in car clubs currently in the capital and this is mainly down to the increase in motoring costs and the already heavily congested roads in London where parking is at a premium. Local councils are helping to promote these car clubs by offering parking spaces to these companies in a bid to reduce traffic, congestion and emissions whilst helping the environment. Such as Southwark

Car clubs offer a real cost effective alternative to owning your own car.

Car clubs offer all the benefits of owning a car without all the additional costs and hassle of driving in London such as repairs, servicing and parking.
You can rent a car using your phone app or computer with a car club very easily for as little as half an hour up to and including a full weekend or even longer. The benefits really start to pay for themselves when you consider you are only paying for the time and mileage you have used and no other additional motoring costs. Many of the the car clubs operate in a similar fashion to the boris bike scheme. And you can use your phone to locate cars in and around your local area that are available to drive at a moments notice.
As well as the fundamental benefits of using a car club scheme such as being convenient, easy to use, available at all hours and being eco friendly (especially as some car clubs offer electric vehicles). It could potentially, depending on your usage and needs, save you lots of money.
According to one car club, joining could save you around £3,500 per year when compared to owning your own car (if you drive less than six thousand miles per year).

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Some of the Popular Car Clubs in London

E-Car Club

E-Car boasts car rental from as little as £4.50 per hour including insurance and power, insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance, cleaning, tax, parking permits and London Congestion Charge for a brand new electric car, no hidden fees, no -recurring subscription fees, 24/7 access and no mileage restrictions. However currently most cars seem to be based in East London or North West London however they appear to be expanding their fleet and locations based on customer interest.

They offer two types of membership subscriptions Pay as you go and Subscription both are a one of fee of only £50 with the subscription package for more frequent users offering a £15 per month additional charge but is £1.00 cheaper per hour and £10 cheaper per day at only £4.50 or £35.00 per day respectively.


Zip Car LogoZipcar owned by Avis offers a similar service to E-car however however it has a greater range of vehicles including petrol and vans. It offers three different types of subscription based on usage which once again reduces the hourly or daily costs of hiring a vehicle.

They are currently running an offer saving a one off subscrition fee of £19.00 on a basic rate package. WIth rates from £8 per hour or £74 per day with a maximum of 60 miles.
They also offer a pay as you go option for only £3 per hour (£4 on weekends) but with a 0.29p per mile additional cost.

The great thing with this option is you can pick them up and drop them off anywhere within the Zipzone. And amazingly you can unlock the car from your phone app or zipcard and then you will find the keys in the glove box.
What is also great is you can sign up as a household so you can all get the benefits.

Easy Car Club

Easy Car ClubEasy Car Club which is part of the global “Easy” company is kind of like an AirBnB for cars. It offers no joining fee and allows anyone to sign up and register their own car for use or hire and likewise you can sign up and hire cars in your local area. It allows car owners to make money from their car when they are not using it.
Which is a very similar business model to turo.


Turo Car RentalTuro offers lots of high end car and once again Insurance and breakdown cover are included in the deal and you just replace the fuel that you have used.





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