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Pass Plus Driving Courses

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Pass plus driving courses

enable any driver who have just passed their test to learn a number of new driving skills not covered in their regular driver training, as well as increasing their driving confidence.

Pass plus courses were devised by the DSA in order to assist driving schools and car insurance brokers. Pass plus courses are available through either of our Putney driving schools, Tooting driving schools,Southfields driving schools, Mitcham driving schools or Clapham driving schools.

What is Involved in Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus driving program contains six hour long sessions, each session concerning a different area of driver training. The six sessions are:

  • Driving in different weathers
  • Introduction to Town driving
  • Night Driving Principles
  • Out of town driving
  • Carriageway Driving
  • Driving on the motorway
  • Since the introduction of the PassPlus program, the DSA research has concluded that the Pass Plus program gives pupils a much higher level of confidence when driving on the road.

Discounts on car insurance

Pupils who have successfully completed the Pass Plus driving program are eligible for substantial reductions in their car insurance policies. All of our Wimbledon driving school instructors driving schools are fully qualified to teach Pass Plus courses. This means that you can receive your Pass Plus training from the same instructor who helped you to pass your test.

To book a Pass Plus course with one of our Wimbledon driving schools please call free on 0208 181 9209 To find the nearest Wimbledon driving school to you please click here


Pass Plus Driving Lesson London

In addition to offering the standard driving course, we offer a number of specialist courses as follows:

      1. WDA Intensive Driving Courses help to you to pass your driving test in the shortest possible time frame.
      2. Refresher Driving Courses are perfect for anyone wanting to increase their driving confidence or improve their driving abilities.
      3. Advanced Driving Courses are designed to help serious drivers who want to become the best and most professional drivers they can be.
      4. Motorway Driving Courses are ideal for any driver who lacks confidence when driving on the motorway.
      5. Pass Plus Driving scheme help to increase the confidence of newly qualified drivers whilst offering discounts on their insurance.

Driving Instructor Training

In addition to teaching new students we offer a Driver Instructor Training Program for those experienced drivers looking to become a driving instructor. For more information on becoming a driving instructor contact us now and we shall give you full details on exactly what it takes to become a professional driving instructor.

Pass Plus Driving Lesson Prices

Our fees are certainly competitive when compared with the course fees at many other driving schools. We offer many incentives for past and present pupils such as offering £20 gift vouchers for any individuals who recommend a new pupil to our school. As you would expect from a top Wimbledon Driving School, we have many testimonials from past students who have all been highly delighted with the service that we provide. We primarily cover all areas of South West London-see below-although we are in the process of expanding our driving school to operate across the whole of the London area, in the near future.

      1. The areas in Surrey that we presently cover are as follows: You can call us directly on 0208 181 9209 or fill in the online form on this website to book your driving lesson with us alternatively please feel free to contact us now should you have any queries as we are here to help.

WDA Pass Plus

Despite the fact that you have cleared the driving test and that you car accessing the road by yourself; you may still be quite inexperienced in driving.

Statistics prove that novices are tipped more to meet an accident. This is a reason why a couple of people are reported to die due to car accidents in the UK.

Every fifth newly licensed driver may meet with an accident during the first year, which is why there is a high insurance premium cost.

About WDA Pass Plus?

WDA Pass Plus is an idea created by the DSA for the encouragement and assistance of not only the driving training institutes but also the car insurance businesses. This concept targets to assist new drivers to gain ample and relevant expertise that would augment their skills, develop their talent and techniques, advance road sense and instincts, maintain a sober approach and understand the importance to minimise risks while driving.

WDA Pass Plus overview

A WDA Pass Plus pupil would have a green number plate with ‘P’ written on it. He/She would be registered for six sections; each of an hour long. The sections focus:

          • Introduction to Town driving
          • Driving in different weathers
          • Out of town driving
          • Night Driving Principles
          • Carriageway Driving
          • Driving on the motorway

Pass Plus emphasizes on attitude and skills that immensely relate and improve your driving skills and gives you a wide range on detailed perspective with respect to your driving lessons.

Results yielded through Pass Plus

DSA has conducted a survey that shows that Pass Plus is an effective scheme that encourages Pupils to be highly confident in driving and improves their driving abilities to a much greater extent.

Discounts on car insurance

You can attain reduction in car insurance through Pass Plus and can even receive extra bonuses without any claim. Get yourself Pass Plus certified today and contact us NOW for a discount.

Consult the WDA instructor

As soon as you pass your test, you may consult your WDA instructor regarding Pass Plus registrations – All WDA instructors are registered Pass Plus trainers too.



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