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First Driving Lesson in Richmond £10

Get your first beginner driving lesson in London for only £10*


Your Wimbledon Driving Schools in Richmond. If you are looking for high quality yet cheap driving lessons in Richmond to suit all ages and abilities this is the school for you. Be sure to check out our Richmond driving schools to guarantee you the best and highest quality driver training possible.

That´s why all of our Richmond driving school students are taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced DVSA approved driving instructors. We provide a completely stress free driver learning experience with every driving lessons in Richmond that is undertaken with us.

Here at Your Wimbledon Driving School Richmond Branch we offer the following guarantees:Ten Pound Driving Lessons in Richmond

  • We guarantee to book your practical driving test within 10 days in Richmond area.
  • We are here to help and assist you at anytime and are available for contact from 9am – 8pm 7 days a week.
  • We will pick you up and drop you off and you’ll never share a car or a driving lesson in Richmond
  • To help you become the best driver you can be in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.


We provide a wide variety of driving lessons in Richmond to suit all preferences and abilities, available in either Manual or Automatic cars. Whether you are just starting to drive, have just passed your driving test, are looking for a refresher lesson or just wanting to improve your motorway driving confidence, we have the right course to suit you in Richmond.

As well as offering beginner manual and automatic driving courses in Richmond , we also offer our customers a number of specialist driving courses which include the following:Driving Schools in Richmond

  • Automatic Driving Lessons in Richmond are ideal for any driver who has been having trouble with clutch control and gear changes especially useful when driving in London on busy high volume roads where traffic is stop and start. Note if you learn to drive in an automatic you can not legally drive a manual car.
  • Intensive Driving Courses will help you to pass your driving test in the shortest possible time frame in Richmond. Often called Crash Driving Courses here you will take a large number of lessons in a short period of time to increase learning and confidence quickly.
  • Refresher Driving Courses are perfect for anyone wanting to increase their driving confidence or improve their driving abilities and knowledge in Richmond. This course is designed for overseas and drivers who have not driven on London streets or UK roads.
  • Advanced Driving Courses are designed to help serious drivers who want to become the best and most professional drivers they can be. Especially designed for drivers who drive as a part of their daily work routine in Richmond.
  • Motorway Driving Courses This course is ideal for any driver who lacks confidence when driving on the motorway and will help with driving and overtaking at high speed.
  • Pass Plus Driving Courses this scheme is designed to help increase the confidence of newly qualified drivers in Richmond whilst offering substantial discounts on their car insurance.


So, if you are looking for Driving Lessons in Richmond, please call us directly by landline on 0208-181-9209 or simply fill in online form on this website to book your driving lessons in Richmond with us. Should you have any other queries we are here to help so give us a call NOW!


We have a number of driving test centres across London and Surrey where you can book your driving test with us, ensuring our students and learner drivers the most convenient and quick service at all times. Look below to find which of our South London and Surrey Driving Test Centres are nearest to you.



Richmond Driving Lesson Prices Single Lesson Ten Lessons
Standard Driving Lesson Rate £25.00 £240.00
Refresher Driving Lessons £25.00 £240.00
Automatic Driving Lessons £26.00 £240.00
Additional Driving Courses and Lessons at our School
Pass Plus Driving Course £145.00
Advanced Driving Lessons / Course £25.00 £240.00
Motorway Driving Lesson / Course £25.00 3hr £75.00

See our useful driving resources designed to help you pass your driving test in Richmond.

If you have not done this already it may be time to Apply For Provisional Licence.


Join us! And get your first driving lesson in Richmond for only £10



We can get driving test bookings at Test Centres all over London within 14 days, so no need to wait months.



We have a range of driving courses in Richmond from simple beginner lessons to refresher and intensive driving courses.



All our instructors in Richmond are fully approved DSA qualified instructors ensuring we provide quality tuition